Shea Butter Skin Benefits

What is the Origin of Shea Butter Skin Care?

Summary: Shea Butter Skin Care is a solid form of fatty oil that comes from the nuts of Karite trees. The scientific name of the tree is Mangifolia. These trees usually grow wild in the central Africa between Sudan and Gambia. Raw African Black Soap is rich in hair cleansing and natural skin ingredients.

The karate trees grow the nuts and the fruits that contain rich Shea butter. The nuts are crushed and boiled to get light colored substance, which is known as the Shea butter. The Raw African Black Soap is made of this fat and looks similar to the lumps of the caramel ice-cream. The Primary components of Shea Butter Skin Care contain stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid and others. It is soaked quickly into the texture of the skin, and it melts along with the body heat.

Shea Butter Skin Care

Shea butter can be refined as well as unrefined. Shea Butter Skin Care products are made of purest materials, which is organic and not processed. It is extracted eventually, and it is possible to retain its minerals, vitamins and other natural components. It is necessary for you to remember that pure Shea butter is the processed form of the material.

The benefits of Shea butter on your health

Shea butter exposes many health benefits, particularly for the hair and the skin. It is used in a lot of medicinal formulas and cosmetics with other botanical substances. Some of the benefits of Shea butter are mentioned below

1. It tightens the skin

2. It makes natural shampoos that are sufficient to gain healthy and soft hair.

3. It stops the aging of the hair.

4. It makes the best moisturizers which can be applied directly to the skin.

5. Whitens the skin

6. Possess hair growth minerals and vitamins.

Healing and anti-inflammatory qualities of the butter

Shea butter is famous for healing substances that are because of the availability of many plant sterols, and the fatty acid such as palmitic, oleic, linolenic acids, and stearic. The oil-absorbed materials do not convert into soap when gets attached to alkali. It is a non-saponifiable than the fats and oils, thus creating it a good healing material for the skin. It contains Vitamin A and vitamin D to keep the cells from environmental damage and free radicals. There is also acid ester present in the butter that helps to prevent the injuries to the skin caused by the ultra-violet radiation. It also has cinnamic acid that contains anti-inflammatory substances. The anti-inflammatory substances render it advantageous to improve the skin conditions.